Valuable questions answered before we get in contact so you can get to know how I work and the tools I am working with.


Valuable questions answered before we get in contact so you can get to know how I work and the tools I am working with.

1. What kind of videos do you specialize in?

Every production company has its strengths, whether it’s telling a brand story or crafting compelling advertising campaigns. Over the years, I have specialized in corporate videos for B2B (small, medium and large companies), events and institutions. I’ve also worked on many projects that include branded storytelling to promote products or services.

2. What is your general work process?

Depending on the subject matter and size of the project, I often work with a specific number of feedbacks. This applies to the writing and pre-production process, as well as the post-production process. For example, there may be one to three passes on the script or two to three passes on the final edit.

3. How do you prepare for a shoot?

Before I go to a shoot, I think about what it entails, as well as the client’s vision. Once I know more, I figure out how I want to photograph it and make a list of the equipment I might need. If I know I will be shooting a corporate video, I will bring equipment such as a camera, possibly a backup camera, medium zoom lens, tripod, SSD, batteries and extra lights to brighten faces. Planning to film an interview can be quite similar, although I might get lighter equipment as well as a good lapel mic to be mobile enough.

4. What kind of equipment do you use?

For the most part, I own the equipment I use. I work with a Black Magic 6K Pro camera (Super35 sensor) and a Panasonic GH5. I own several lenses – a gimbal stabilizer – studio lights lapel mics and a prompter.

5. What kind of editing software do you use easily?

I am most comfortable with Final Cut Pro X because I have had a lot of practice with it over the years. However, I also like to learn new editing programs, thus I have used DaVinci Resolve in the past and can get by with After Effect for some minor editing

6. How will the video be delivered?

Usually, we offer a download link to access your video in any format desired. This link will be accessible for a period of 6 months up to 1 year.

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